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Jim Bridenstine, powered by Mountain Dew
Administrator Bridenstine speaks the truth to Congress (Credit: NASA).


Public Servant.

Diet Mountain Dew Drinker.

Aerospace's most exclusive club honoring NASA's esteemed Administrator.

On November 8th, 2020, Administrator Bridenstine announced that he would not be serving under the new Joe Biden administration. On Jan 20th, 2021, he stepped down. We're thankful for the hard work Jim put in to NASA and wish him well in his future endeavours. The Jim Bridenstine Fan Club is no longer accepting new members, but read on to hear the story of our creation anyway.

The Origin Story

In April 2018, NASA came under the stewardship of its 13th Administrator, former House Representative James Frederick Bridenstine. In just a short period, "JB" (an endearing nickname coined by our guest Jason Davis on episode 9) has transformed NASA and had a tremendous positive influence on science, exploration, and commercial space.

At the Off-Nominal Podcast, the hosts Jake Robins and Anthony Colangelo, along with their listeners the Anomalies were quick to recognize JB's impact. The idea of a Jim Bridenstine Fan Club grew organically but was solidified in August 2019, when one bold listener, Kevin, produced the original batch of Jim Bridenstine Fan Club pins.

Listener Stan puts an OG JBFC pin into JB's hands
Listener Stan puts an OG JBFC pin into JB's hands

In a meandering narrative of circumstance, luck, and sheer determination of listeners like Stan, the pins made their way to the International Astronautical Congress in Washington DC that fall. There, they got the attention of the Administrator himself. The story is told in full on Episode 24 of the podcast.

In May of 2020, after furious demand, the official Jim Bridenstine Fan Club was launched. The following month, Jim joined Jake and Anthony on the podcast to talk about his life before NASA, including his time in the Navy, as a museum curator, and an investor in the Rocket Racing League.

Jake and Anthony have a very real meeting with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.
Anthony and Jake have a very real meeting with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.


We are no longer accepting new memberships to the Jim Bridenstine Fan Club. Thank you to all the members who contributed to the club!


"There is no club more exclusive, rewarding, and important than this."

A very real, very distinguished person

"This club is hot straight and normal."

Tory Bruno, CEO of ULA, probably

"Wait are you the pin guys?"

Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator

"Cease and Desist."

Lawyers representing Mountain Dew
Tory Bruno, CEO, United Launch Alliance with JBFC Pin
Tory Bruno, CEO, United Launch Alliance with JBFC Pin


This fan club owes its thanks to many. They are listed here in no particular order and in some likely incomplete way.

Bettina Inclán, for beliving in some way that we were worth meeting.

Gary from Lockheed for introducing us to Bettina Inclán.

The attendees of IAC 2019 for ensuring the original JBFC pins spread like a dank meme.

Anomaly Stan for being the first to show JB the pins.

Anomaly Kevin, for the pin idea and for bringing Jake the original batch at the Seattle Meetup.

All the Anomalies, for their unending support and for making our jobs amazing.

And of course, to Jim Bridenstine for being generally cool and shaking up NASA in a good way.

Jim Bridenstine Fan Club Pin and Membership Card